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The lack of evidence

I am proudly a republican. I did not vote on the last presidential election for a technicality: I moved from one county to another a week before elections and I lost my right to vote, just because of bad timing. But I would have voted for Mr. Bush.

I also supported the war against Saddam Hussein and his army, because I think the world is better off without a man like him on power. I did not care whether or not he had “weapons of mass destruction”, I knew the guy history and that was enough justification for me. But, if I remember well, the war was sold, mainly, on the existence of WMD, whilst it shouldn’t. We had thousands of other reasons to go to war against that mad man. Why WMD were made the “key” reason I do not know. And now we have a problem in our hands.

Why a problem? Well, for starters, we haven’t found any… yet. I know, it is a big country and it is too soon, perhaps. But, where is all the intelligence that we said to posses? Where are the satellite images that were shown that “clearly showed” the places where those weapons were stored? I remember even seeing on the news “trucks moving nuclear materials” and places where labs were standing on. Where is that intelligence now? It was my understanding that we had a very good idea where most of those WMD were. British intelligence, Israeli intelligence and other allies intelligence also had information about them. What happened with such knowledge?

Failing to find such weapons will take credibility away from us and it might spark even more hate from the people that already hate us and raise suspicion for everything we do from our so called friends and allies. We teach our kids not to lie, why should we?

Only time will tell whether or not we lied. Either way, I hope this will teach us a lesson: go by the facts, not by the guess. And if you don’t have the facts about something, then use what you have on hand to base things on. Sometimes what we have on hand is more than enough to justify actions to take, without worrying on “what if’s”.