Bad things come at once

Today wasn’t a good day. If it weren’t enough that the weekend wasn’t good, there comes Monday with, yet another, bit of spice. To start, this morning my car started rattling and shacking like it was possessed by a voodoo spirit. Took it to the mechanic and, to make the long story short, I will be $500 short by tomorrow noon. Then I get to work and, on top of having a few little things to finish, I get an email from one of my sisters telling me about problems with my elder parents. Problems that I need to take care of before it gets really bad and out of hand. That got me worried the whole day, and I still am. Then I get to home, and my wife finds a solution, that I thought I had, to my parents problem unacceptable. I wonder what’s next.

To top it off –even thought it is not that bad, tomorrow is voting day, I got no car to get to the voting booths, neither to go to work. If you have ever been in Orlando then you know that public transportation sucks to the point that it could even be considered non-existent. Things has got to get better.

Update 10 Sept 2002

A friend of mine took me to vote, and to work.