About and Colophon


Hi there, welcome! You are now browsing David Collantes’ personal weblog. In here he writes about whatever happens to interest him from time to time. He is a father and a husband living in Orlando, FL, U.S.A..

David has worked for the Florida Educational System as a system administrator (sysadmin) since June of 1996 or whereabouts, but nothing on this site is affiliated with, sponsored, or endorsed by them.

About the Site

The pages of this website are generated by Hugo, and managed with Git. They are hosted on a FreeBSD VPS on Vultr. This website is fully served under SSL — and supports HTTP/2 — just because he can.

He scribbles using the apps Sublime Text and Nano, mostly. The content is parsed by Blackfriday’s markdown, which is very flexible, and overall awesome. He uses macOS, hence his computer is an Apple Mac, specifically an iMac.

His domain registrar of choice is Google, which he highly recommends as they are reliable, simple, clean, not spammy, they do not kill elephants, and their prices are very competitive. “This is one of Google services that is here to stay,” he assures you.

Contacting David

You can reach him via e-mail, voice, and SMS/iMessage. If you wish to encrypt your email, here is the file1 containing his public GPG keys2. You can verify the fingerprint on the footnote by running dig and listing the TXT records for collantes.us on a Unix alike OS shell3. Those keys are also found on his Keybase.io page.


The posts, and most images are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License unless stated otherwise. Please e-mail him if you take advantage of this; he would love to hear about it.

  1. SHA-256: 9f809ca5a94fa6b2f94be068cc042419dc898f789f5901240aa241626cacff8e
  2. Fingerprint: 12C7 FC2F 3D24 3C26 26F3 3909 4C9B 7B46 B9B6 7D02.
  3. As easy as “dig txt collantes.us” without the quotes, of course.