Will this become my week’s Odyssey?

Another day has passed and no car. They –the people from “Holler Mitsubishi”– called me and told me that they will be swapping back the parts they replaced yesterday, since that was not the problem and that the problem was on the transmission, that needed to be flushed. I will get my money back and will end up paying only $150. They were doing that today and by tomorrow noon the car should be ready, since they wanted to make sure it was all perfect. Any other repair shop –specially one that is the dealer itself, where I bought the car from– would have offered a courtesy car. After all, they have kept my car for three days!

I surely hope this ridicule episode will end tomorrow. Needless is to say, I will be filling a complain with the “Better Business Bureau” and I would, emphatically, not recommend “Holler Mitsubishi” to any of my family members and friends. Tomorrow, I hope, I will come with the conclusion.