Excellent weekend

The weekend was excellent and… pretty tiresome. So tired I was that did not have the energy to come by and tell. It will happen tonight, I just wanted to create some anticipation.

Till tonight, good day!

All right! This is a continuation of what I started. The weekend was excellent, we (Gee, Jessica, Kim, Kent Martin and I) went to two Disney Parks, Disney MGM and Epcot. I had a good time although Kent Martin was the one who had a blast. He only did not sleep at all the whole day, he also got to see all the wonderful things the park has to offer that he never saw before — actually he did, but he was too young to remember and, less, to enjoy them.

For Kim and I was extremely tiresome, since we have to carry Kent most of the times and I have to haul a backpack and a stroller. Still, no complains, even though I feel a bit bad with Gee and Jessy: having a kid to take care of does not makes you too available for others. Another beauty of the parenthood.

Needless is to say that the three of us slept quite a bit on the Saturday and Sunday night. “There will be some time until we do something like this again… Kim said.

We will see ;-)