Thanks god it is Friday… 13th?!

Finally the weekend has arrived. After the week I have had, I have been looking forward this weekend, not because I have plans of anything special, but because I yern for some rest.

Today was a boring day at work, since my coworker and friend was not there. I only had two good moments: my french friend Claire and her sister Isabel came by to visit and we went out for lunch, and my friend Yanyan (Jane) came by to visit, just before I left. By the way, it was good that Yanyan came, because I am sure that she got the job she wanted, in the same department where I work. I bet she is very happy and I am too for her.

I hope to add some more photos this weekend. I already did some additions yesterday, but I am way behind. I have quite a few family photos that I need to post as well. So much to do, so little time!

Well, off to watch some TV with wife. I do not care about the TV, but if I want to spend time with her I ought to watch it :-) . Have a nice weekend everyone!