Iraq, are we going to war?

If you have been following the news you already know about the Iraq situation. You might still be asking yourself why are we building up such a massive military power in the area, that is, Middle East. Right, you are not questioning that, since you know the answer: we are going to war. What you might be thinking is whether or not we should be there, should we care. All valid questions.

Why Iraq, when no one has yet to see a proof of it’s nuclear/chemical, “weapons of mass destruction” program? Is it the oil? Or we just tenderly care for millions of Iraqi citizens, oppressed under Saddam’s iron fist, and long to liberate them? Maybe it is, as a few out there joke about, that President Bush wants to finish what his father did not? Or is it that 1993 Kuwait incident still itching somewhere? Whatever the reasons are, we are going to war. Unless…

U.S. Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said over the weekend that Saddam’s flight from Baghdad would be a “fair trade” for avoiding military conflict…


Well, it seems there is a solution! Just tell a totalitarian, self-centered, narcissist, criminal-without-conscience dictator to leave the country he owns, leave all his palaces and slaves behind and go to take refuge on some country where, ultimately, someone will kill him. That makes perfect sense!

Is it me or this is just another crazy alternative—which we know is not going to be accepted—that will give us green light to go to war? Something at the same level of the empty shells we — actually, the U.N. team — found, which “irrefutably” prove an active Iraqi research and production of chemical weapons. Don’t get me wrong, I do not doubt that Iraq might be doing such research and production. Actually, I am almost convinced they are. But we can not— well, should not—annihilate a country based on suppositions. Proof, we need proof.

What is at stake is not an imminent military or terrorist threat, but the economic imperative of U.S. growth. What is at stake is America’s need to demonstrate its military power to all of us — to Europe and Russia and China, and poor mad little North Korea, as well as the Middle East; to show who rules America at home, and who is to be ruled by America abroad.

Times Online

Would the above be true? It sounds like the words of an anti-american, but, could it be right this time? This war will not only cost the american taxpayer a great price, but also the lives of american, and allies, and innocent Iraqis. All prices too high to pay.

Honestly, I would worry more about North Korea but, wait, there is not oil there!