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Definitely, humans are born violent

War topics are prime news. From the time we wake up to the hour we go to sleep, war news are the focus of people’s attention. We are a violent race, it is not a stereotype: humans are born violent.

My son is barely two years old. He hasn’t seen violent television programs, our home is a stable one, no fights, no yelling. Still, when he is around his little cousin, and more often that we would like, he constantly hits her. They play along, like pals, but as I said, he misbehaves at times. He is not alone, all kids behave, more or less, the same way. So do we, grown ups.

Wars are the ultimate expression of our violent behavior. I was thinking the other day since, as I said, war news are continuously flowing, that the fact of being smart animals did not made us any different. We are still animals, nevertheless, and of the kind that exhibits stupidity and foolishness on their behavior. Also violence. Violence attract us. Television programs and movies that contain violence are big hits that drive masses to the theathers and TV sets.

Does this means that we are cursed to be violent and can’t do anything about it? Not necessarily. It is neither a justification for our wrong behavior. It is what I believe it to be: a fact. Whether or not we are screwed because of it, it’s is up to each one of us to decide.

There is no political meaning on this thought. Do not try to find one.