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A very sad day

I have, many times, felt saddened while thinking about the fragility of life. I feel often perturbed by the fact the life itself is very short. Throughout life we strive to achieve goals, whether they are set goals or not: we get an education, or try to, we search for happiness, we build an “empire” around us. And everything, everything disappears at the end. Does it makes any sense then? What is the reason of life?

I think that what we accomplish while alive is just the answer to that. But it is not a matter of success. It is a matter of how the accomplishment is made: being honest, rightous, generous, good… spending time with your parents and family, with your kids, doing good for others. Forgiving, not hating. So many things… Life is already too short, you see? We should not waste it on the negative.

Why do I bring this topic today? My dear uncle Eddie is dying. He had had two massive strokes and medical doctors spoke: he is not going to make it. Of course, only God has the last word, but the doctors diagnose is not hopeful. My uncle’s life was an accomplished one. He has been an example to follow and when he is gone he will be missed and remembered. I will make sure to talk to my kid about him. Now if he just didn’t have to go now…

I feel sad. Good people should never die.