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Circa 1984

I guess a fitting way to “welcome” myself to the posting forum is to also give a brief rehashing of my digital lifestyle.

Rumor has it that nineteen years ago, in the summer of 1984, two brand new bundles of joy rolled into the Canzolino household. The first was a shiny new Macintosh; the second, coming six weeks or so later, was a baby girl. I’ve been raised on computers ever since, tinkering away at little games and clicking that little one button ever since.

My first experience with the “inter-net” was in 1994, when a friend of my father’s opened up a small BBS called “The Grotto,” which serviced a small audience in south-eastern Connecticut. This BBS was a marvel of modern technology, and allowed me to play numerous games of hang-man against others miles away.

Several computers have passed through the hands of our family, all of them Macintosh, all of them shared by the three members of the household. Summer 2002 saw me acquiring my first machine of my own –a hand-me-down beige 266 mhz G3 running the ever-buggy OS 9.2.2. Two months after this beige monster was acquired, Apple Computer called and offered me a job. The G3 was abandoned to the basement, and a 15” TiBook has taken it’s place (along with four other computers on the network that now runs through our 900 square foot house).


This was written by Adrienne Canzolino, as a guest post.