Longer than anticipated

Well, my hiatus and upcoming photoblog are taking longer than anticipated. That’s due, most of the time, to lack of time. We have moved our offices to a new building (I am talking about work here) and things have been hectic at times. That added to Kent Martin’s growing up and the task of educating him becoming more important –and difficult– has taken all the little free time I have on my hands.

It is true that I had had some really “free” time. But then the inspiration hasn’t come to alow me to finish the photoblog interface. Then, of course, I need much more time to go around Orlando taking pictures. Orlando is not a city that gives too much inspiration to a photo amateur: there are not old buildings around and it is always sunny (well, when it is not raining).

The photoblog will come. I already got my cameras ready: a Nikon N50, a Nikon 5700, a Ricoh S35 and two beautiful Rollei’s, one 3.5 and another 2.8 with Planar lens and in perfect shape (even though they are over 50 years old). I got a scanner as well, thanks to the sugestion of the guy who runs Ambivalent, Eryk. It is an Epson 3200 Pro, which allows scanning of film negatives up to 120mm.

So, that’s the recount, so far. I will come back, hopefully soon. When that happens, the new photoblog will be online instead of this site (or I even decide to run both simultaneously). A weekend is ahead, have a nice one!