On a training, for two days

I am going through a Windows 2003 training for two days. A few things we are talking about here I have already played with, some others are boooring! But it could be worse, at least it is not a Microsoft sales pitch.

It does feels weird to be away from work, I am not used to Trainings of this kind. It feels weird as well to be typing this from the classroom, while the instructor is going through his Powerpoint presentation. Botton line is, the chair where I am sitting is very uncomfortable, I am hungry, sleepy, tired. Oh boy… snap back, David!

Ahhh, a break is coming up. Huzzah! Will I be coming back after lunch? Perhaps. Back to “Shadow copies” and ASR (Automated System Recovery). Later!

Update: On the second day. Today is a bit more interesting than yesterday. 2003 Server is an interesting build and there are quite a few things that I can see handy in it. IIS 6 this afternoon!