One year older

Well, I thought it will never come. We — adults —, sometimes pursuing our dreams of Peterpan… we think we’ll never age. Slowly our skin becomes saggy and wrinkled; we can not see as sharp as before, hence we wear glasses; our hair turn white (for the lucky ones) and falls down (for those unlucky, like me). The rhythm of live goes at a different beat then. You start getting tired easily, things that previously attracted you do not longer do. Ah… you have, inevitably, aged.

Yes, I just turned 35. With any luck, I am going to start walking down the road now; I have reached the half of my existence. The interesting thing is that I remember my childhood like it was yesterday, and all the good and bad times I went through. Good memory I still have, but for how long?

I am thankful to be around for one more year, I hope and pray I will have many more to come. I have one more incentive to live for, my son, and of course, my family and friends. I need to be around, not for my own enjoyment, but to serve those around me. That’s the meaning of life (meaning subject to change, not available with any other offers).

And to “celebrate” a new year, I will be changing things around, once again. Such changes are, also, getting old. I know. I am not decrepit… yet.