Some of my points of view

A recent post over Ambivalent sparked a small controversy. Small because it was a discussion of two, which also brought another post, made somewhere else. Both incidents have prompted me to come by and speak my mind on my points of view, specifically those related to homosexuals (also known as gays and lesbians) as well as the relation –or lack thereof– between them and religion.

I have always respected everyone. Whether they are homosexual or straight, it makes no difference. Any adult person has the right to live it’s own “lifestyle” as long as it doesn’t interfere with others. On that matter, there is not wrong or right for me: it’s something personal that has it’s roots, as we all know, on differences at birth. Even though I would agree that hanging out with certain group of people could bring that group habit(s) to a person, homosexuals are born that way, not made up.

Does a person, by being homosexual, bothers me? No, it doesn’t. Do I have any problems with homosexual marriages? No, I don’t. Where do I stand on homosexual child adoption and parenting? I think the odds of homosexuals parents raising successful kids are as good as with heterosexual parents.

How homosexuals relate to Christianity? Well, it depends. Some Christians will say the scriptures clearly mention that homosexuality is not “approved” by God and considered an aberration, thus homosexuals will go to hell, unless they practice celibate. In other words, unless they behave like “normal” people, they are dammed. Needless is to say they have “proof” of it on the Holy Scriptures.

Other group of Christians will say homosexuals are dammed, regardless. They have their “proof” too. Yet another group will accept them (this group is pretty small) as they are, as “Sons of God”, like everyone else. More theology is involved for those too. Should we (society) deprive homosexuals from having a believe (a believe on their creator), just because they are different? Who are we to act as God’s judges?

So, what about me? What do I think about it? Well, I refuse to believe in a God that creates people differently to make their lives miserable. If God is all present, all knowledgeable, omnipotent, he knew about everything that is going on from the beginning of time, yet, still allowed it to happen. That sound’s pretty sadistic to me. It makes me think we are just puppets on God’s hands and part of his own private party. It also makes us a flawed “creation”. That applies to all of us, homosexuals and heterosexuals. See what Wikipedia has to say about Religion and Homosexuality.

It is also worth noticing that I believe the Pope is not God’s ambassador, just a guy who sits on a higher chair, like the President of the United States does. The Pope is, so to speak, a politician, but it doesn’t deserve more respect or veneration than you or me. I believe priests should be allowed to marry and live a normal life, like the rest of us. I believe that the Roman Catholic Church needs a shaken up, they need to be tougher on their “God Servants” who violates the law and they should prosecute those to the maximum extend of the law, just like everyone else.

“Let those without sin cast the first stone”