Like a Phoenix

Just like a Phoenix, this is a rebirth from my own ashes. I wanted to change things around here, perhaps change the way I write. Finally, I have decided to come back on a more informal way. Like it was in the beginning, when I decided that blogging could be a fun thing to do.

How informal will it be? Well, as informal as life itself — at least, mine —. I will write things that happen to me, my family, my friends and fellow human beings in general. I will not hold back just because I may think my writing might not interest certain audience, I will just write — or will try to. When I decided to “rest for a while”, I receive two emails from two friends and co-workers. “I browse to it every once in a while to read it…”, one said. “What’s this? It’s really down? Do you still want the server hosting?” said the other. Enough said.

I am back.