Mobility 20-20

If you do not live in Orlando you will not know what I am talking about here. Today was also voting day here, in Orlando, FL, but for a different reason than the Californians. Let me explain.

As you may or may not know every city has its budget. I bet that even every county has its own as well. Talking about a city budget, some people, perhaps even a bunch of people, get paid big money to come up with the numbers. They get to plan and budget the city expenditures that will be paid, in a vast majority, with your money, the tax payer money. Road enhancements and/or road constructions are part of that budget.

Now, what is happening in Orlando? Well, the characters that are designated to come up with the city budget, together with the politicians in command, decided to make the local businesses and citizens paid for such road enhancements and/or constructions by increasing half a penny on the sales tax, for a period of 20 years. So, not only our economy is flaky, our salary increases poor (barely a 2%, inflation is at 2.5% or 3%) and the insurance rates went up among other things, but also we have to pay for the miscalculation or the “great idea” of a handful of morons.

As you probably already imagined, today’s vote was on whether or not “Mobility 20/20”, which is how they have called their great plan, were to become reality. Did they tell why was the increase needed, when there is –it better be– already a budget in place that covers road construction, enhancement and maintenance? No.

Well, the stupid thing did not pass. I am happy I voted NO.