Mid-life Crisis

When does mid-life crisis starts? I mean, how old do you need to be to start feeling the effects of it and, furthermore, what are such effects?

The reason I am asking all this is because, even thought I am barely on my 35th, I think –I just have that impression– that I am slowly, but at a very fast pace (talk about paradox here!), moving into my own version of mid-life crisis. I want to think it is version 1.0. Now, how many versions and for how long?

What’s going on with me? Hmm, hard to explain, specially without getting into trouble. Let’s say that I feel the urge to travel to exotic places and meet new people, just like I used to meet them when I was single, so long ago. I, as Homer Simpson, want to “shake off the dust of this one-horse town. I want to explore the world. I want to watch TV in a different time zone. I want to visit strange, exotic malls… I want to live…” It is interesting, because I would, truthfully, like to do all of the above.

I feel like getting away from everything that produces an electrical shock at times; I feel like going back to a more primitive, so to speak, kind of life: grow potatoes and tomatoes to live of, milk a cow, hurd some goats… I don’t feel like shaving or worrying about dressing. I want to be a mix of Robinson Crusoe, Robin Hood, Homer Simpson, who knows who else… and me. Didn’t I say it was hard to explain?

I’ve caught myself thinking, what if? Finding every twist of the road I could have taken, totally different or parallel to where I am now. Perhaps on each of them I would be feeling like I am right now, perhaps not. I’ll never know.

I sure hope this stage moves on quickly. It is keeping a bitter taste on my mouth, sort of.