Got a Mac, once again

My first knowledge about Mac’s came sorrounded by a mist of legend, legend that has lived until today: Mac’s are wonderful, powerful, friendly machines, that boot with a graphic interface and which mouse has only one big button. Ok, that was what I thought 15 years ago or so, but you get the idea.

Eight months ago I bought a dual 1.42 Ghz PowerMac G4, with 2GB RAM, 128 VRAM, 120GB HD, SuperDrive, Bluetooth… beautiful machine. Then wife lost her job and some of my most valuable posessions got sold: my D60 and all the associated lens… and my dream machine. But I longed, I longed for one. And one has come.

Granted, it is not a G5. It is not even a dual processor and not close to its predecesor, but it does the job quite well and Panther roams her kingdom. The vitals? A single processor at 933 Mhz, 1.5GB (well, soon to be 1.5GB, right now it is only 512MB) RAM, Superdive, 60GB hardrive, 64MB VRAM and, of course, ethernet, USB’s, firewire… and bluetooth ready.

Now if only I could publish to my iCal calendars from different places (machines), and eliminate threading on Mail App based on subjects I would be a happier man. Nonetheless, Panther is great and I look forward to a long, loving relationship with Apocalypse (that her name). Needless is to say that I have not touched my Wintel at home since she got into the house.

No hard feelings, Foobar (Wintel name), but I switched!