A moment in time

Not much is happening lately. At least, not much worth of mentioning. Christmas is coming (yes, Christmas, I do not need to be “politically” correct by calling it “holidays”) and I tend to get a little bit sad just around this time. I know it might sound weird, but I can’t help it.

Time is flying by lately and I do not know whether that’s good or bad. It should be bad all the time, since time is one of the few things that never returns, it can’t be rewinded. But while at work, it is good to see time passing by quick, not because I do not want to work, but because I look forward, everyday, to get home and be with my kid… and my wife. The time I spend with them is quite minimal, if the amount of time I spend at work and driving is taken into consideration. So, the quicker the time passes, the sooner I will be with them. Kent is growing and changing very fast. I wish I could witness every step of that growth.

What else? Hmm, I do not longer have a digital camera, so I will be using Stock.Xchng free stock photos, until a digital camera falls into my hands again. I might use some scanning from my film SLR every once and then, but not that often. Film photography is great but it is costly.

And, finally, I have been thinking on a small change of style around here, once again. Perhaps a main column and a left or right smaller one. Fixed, centered. But I do not know. I do not have that much content to cover side columns, unless once I have them, the content will come. “If you build it, they will come.”

That’s it. Cheers, mates! Have nice weekend!