Winter has come

It is snowing out there, somewhere. I hear New York got some snow recently. Other places have been under it’s white blanket for a while now. Well, it is cold here in Florida. Pretty cold for a State named “Sunshine State”. The sun shines, no doubt about it. It is shining right now, as I type this, but the temperature is 44 degrees (F). It was even colder overnight, I bet.

Christmas is rapidly approaching and we have no plans. For the first time since I have been working for UCF we are having 4 and a half days off on Christmas and 4 and a half days off on New Year. That’s mighty nice. Since we just came from Miami on Thanksgiving, I do not know if family would want to bear with us again so soon (grin). As I said, no plans, but something might come up from now till them.

I have been busy at work and I will probably be till Christmas. There are a few things that need to be done, but there is always something coming in between to slow me down or I do not feel with the energy to tackle them. I have been stressed out a bit at home, worried about Kent little problems and Kim not having a job. This Christmas will remind me the Christmas of ‘95, on which I did not have a job neither. With the only difference that I did not have a house, a wife or a kid at that time.

Oh well, we will adapt. Tata for now!