Philosophical confussion

I do not like unsolicited pop-up windows. I like even less unsolicited browser resizing. Missuse of web cookies blows and should be illegal. Junk and spam emails are a disease (well, not for me, since I use TMDA on my John Companies server and I get zero spam) that is getting out of hand. Porno and the sex industry for sure are a profitable business; most of the spam today advertises such industry. And sex organs enhancers… and other body parts, and pills, and incoherency.

I think we should enjoy life more, and stop worrying and getting all mad and stressed about little or big things, as a matter of fact. I think family in America, in general, is all messed up. I think we all should go back to basics and live in harmony, first with our own family and then with others. We get upset for too many unimportant things way too easy, we worry too much, we judge too much… we screw ourselves up, unknowingly.

We should smile more often and even laught. We should say “Good morning” and “How are you?” meaning it. We should help more, give more, expect less. We should learn how to forgive, but also how to forget.

I know life is short, so very short. And it’s the only one we got.