Uneventful weekend

This weekend was a bit stressful and I felt some anxiety, but it was uneventful. We –floridians– are enjoying once again a nice fresh weather. Let’s hope it will stay for a little more longer.

I went to work today. I have planned to do the work from home, but could not VPN to work. That forced me to get up my comfortable chair at home, dressed and drive to work. Luckily everything was done on time and I was on my way home around 11:00 AM. It is 12:01 AM while I type this, so I guess I must say that today on this post means yesterday, Sunday 11th.

I am gaining weight. I have been all my life a skinny person but finally, with age I guess, I am building up a few pounds. The bad thing about it is that they are showing more on my belly and on the “love handles”. Kim already noticed, of course, and first she made fun of me, now she is insisting that I must exercise. I will, as soon as I have the time to do it… I thought I would never be fat. I guess I was wrong. Hehe, I am talking like I am fat, really. But in comparison with the David of three years ago, I am.

I need to work on three goals for this year. Not personal goals, but goals for work. And each goal must have two to three objectives. Having never done anything like that, I am kind of lost. Let’s see what I can come up with tomorrow. This year at work will be an interesting one, since things have changed around a bit and this goal/objective type of thing is one of them.

Time to go to sleep, if I want to wake up tomorrow on time.