Drove a lot, saw places

Today (actually, yesterday) Kim and I went over to Tampa. We drove a lot around and I am surprised of the fact that, even though it is the first time I drive around Tampa, we did not get lost, we did not drive more than normal to find the place(s) we were looking for, we did not get stuck in traffic.

I have to say that I found some of the parts of Tampa pretty abandoned. I do not mean the whole city is like that, but certain places had an almost dead (or completely dead) lawn, some of the highways were pretty dirty, not only trash on the road itself and on the sides, but the highway fence was also dirty. Having lived in Lake Mary and then Orlando, I am not so used to such neglect. Allow me to point out that Lake Mary is “super” clean and that Orlando, in general, also is.

What even caught more my attention was the apartment places we saw. The apartments themselves were magnificent, impeccable. The rent prices were, well, astronomical. Still, just out of the apartment complex itself, everything looked like a battle camp. As I said, not every place we saw was the same, but still it was evident enough to catch my attention.

It rains as I type this in Orlando, and the soothing sound of the rain is taking it’s toll on me. After all, it is already ‘good day’.