To Tampa back and forth

In the last five days I have been in Tampa four times, twice by myself and twice with Kim and KM. One may say it is only 90 miles each way, not a biggie, but once it is done several times consecutively it does makes a difference.

Three days ago we thought we had the perfect apartment there but this morning Kim thought otherwise and, as quite often, she was right. She saw another apartment, just 2.8 miles from my new work place and at a reasonable price (prices online are not what we paid for it, no way). The new apartment is actually new (built in 2003) and the apartment we applied for has never been occupied. The area is nice (it is on the West Shore) and as I said, close enough from work that I could even walk – not that I am going to do it. The previous apartment was 14 miles from the new job and with a .75 cents toll each way in between. You do the math.

I sent my resignation email yesterday and now the clock is ticking. We have barely two weeks to pack everything, throw away what needs to be thrown and get ready to move. I am sure the upcoming two weeks will be very busy, at work and at home. It is also a fact that I will be very busy the first month after the move, finding my way around work and settling down at the new place. We will miss family – specially mom – and I bet we will spend any free weekend with them, in Orlando.

In all, life is full of changes. This is just one from the pack.