It has been a ride, UCF

I am leaving the College of Business and, hence, the University of Central Florida. When I started working for UCF almost eight years ago I did not know I was going to stay that long, but most important of all, I did not know it was going to be that much fun. It has certainly been a ride, a good one. I learned a lot in all aspects and for that I am grateful.

I had the opportunity to work with excellent people in a very healthy working environment. Accepting the fact that nothing is perfect — or completely perfect — my working place was “as good as it gets”, no kidding. Dr. David Scott, Edward Day, Dr. Ronald Michaels and a few other College faculty were the one’s who gave me the opportunity to work in such great place and to those I am endlessly grateful. Bruce Humphrey was an excellent boss that kept me around when leaving opportunities arose. Dr. Jeanette Harold patiently tolerated my occasional childish behavior and always offered her guidance and experience. All my coworkers (Gee, Mr. Chitty, Tsiokos, Lazar, McClellan, Mom Percival and a bunch of others throughout the College) has always been great. It is not easy to work with David, I tell you that much.

I will miss UCF, John knows I will. Nothing lasts forever, right? So, this post is to say “Hasta la vista, UCF!”. It is not a good bye, who knows if the waters of life will bring me back, once again, one day.