But Death and Taxes

“In this world nothing is certain but death and taxes” wrote Benjamin Franklin, 200 plus years ago and that truth remains unabated. It should be easy to figure out that we were involved on preparing our taxes. Being part of the decadent american middle class it is not hard to imagine that we treat taxes as what they are: a serious matter.

Years ago I used to get great refunds. Then they started to diminish and one lucky year I ended up paying $200. When Kent was born we got a sweet taste by receiving a bit more in return, but when Kim lost her job last year and unemployment checks started coming in we knew we were driving towards trouble. “This year we will have to pay a ton”, we told each other. It is the first time either of us collects unemployment, so we did not know what to expect. Well Sir, Madam, I am so glad we were wrong!

Yes, we were. We are breaking even this year. The perfect taxes, the dream of every working man and woman. Zero, zip, nil, nada. We do not owe anything to Mr. IRS, he does not owe anything to us. Needless is to say that we are happy as a clam (if clams really are that happy). A bit of weight has been lifted off ours shoulders. Now to concentrate on our imminent move. One week and counting…

Remember, “…nothing is certain but death and taxes.” Have you paid your dues yet?