Family sticks together

Back in 2001 KM was born. Orlando was his birth place and all he knows to be called home. It is where his house is, in which he freely roams his domains and plays with his toys. It is also where he fights his father on endless battles. Nana lives there so does uncle Thanh, and cousin Alyssa, Kevin, Tommy, Jason… along with thirty plus family members. He knows where choo-choo train, Target and Chuck E. Cheese are… and more. And he did not, does not, wants to trade that for all the money in the world. I am sorry I did not listen to you when I asked, KM and Kim, and you gave your vote. We are going back.

While it is true the move has brought sour consequences, since we are several thousand of dollars poorer, certain things are such that money can’t buy. I was also taught a lesson that I will not forget. “Ohana means family and family sticks together and leaves no one behind.”