Expect changes

I know it has been a long time. I guess other things are using my mind and what’s left is not enough to dedicate on this. I have been back in Orlando for two weeks already, time is flying.

Wanted to get DSL, ordered and before receiving the modem cancelled. Bell South wants you to use their SMTP server and nothing else and I can not accept that. Modem is going back and I am back to my old cable modem.

Placed two cameras for auction on eBay, they are not selling that well. Let’s keep hoping for the best (The cameras sold at a good price! I never knew I had such valuable things on hand).

Presidential election race is heating up, get ready for what is to come. It is going to be very interesting, as always. I love the pre-election “fights” and what-nots. I am voting for the cowboy, giving him another four years as a benefit of the doubt. I am glad some arses are out of the race. Never liked the guy. Kerry might have some hope. Time will tell.

I am thinking on changing things around here, once again. Or perhaps I will focus a bit on Babbler. Gosh, I want a digital camera so badly!

Going to watch a movie but I may go to sleep. Ah, the weekend!