Why do they even bother?

State institutions have a different way of doing things. Different from Corporate America, that is. For example let’s say, hypothetically, that a position opens on certain department on a state institution. A person already working for the department, a person which everyone is happy with about the job being done – by the person, that is – applies for the position. Odds of that person getting the job are very high, right? I mean, it makes perfect sense.

Now, what do they do? They open the position, they advertise. They get 200 applicants. Hopeful people. They all apply, following all the rules. They all submit reference letters, resumes, the real [McCoy]. Time and effort are involved here from both parts and it all comes down to money being spent. But the internal candidate had already won the job (so to speak), even before the position opened! Now, that does not make any sense at all. But it is the law.

On a different topic. Homosexual marriage. Why do people care? Do I care about heterosexual people marriage? Nope, I don’t. I only care if it is a person I know, and it is “mazel tov!” Other than that, also “mazel tov!” Why should anyone care about two consenting adults wanting to formalize on the eyes of the society their union? Noah Grey said it nicely in more than one ocassion; I like this one. Just let them be and don’t talk more about the topic.

Politically, I am still a republican. I hope you know what I mean.