Sun and salty water

Kent plays

After almost a year, we returned to the beach yesterday. Jetty Park, by Port Cañaveral is around 45 miles from where we live, but still closer than Daytona. It is quite a nice park, with a decently clean beach. For those of you living constantly under the cold weather, sun and salty water is as good as it gets, right? :-)

Almost a year ago we took KM to Cocoa beach and at the time he was afraid to even touch the water. He cried and constantly asked to go home. Well, yesterday was the total opposite. Protected by the sunblock cream and armed with several of his toys (dump truck, shovel and pail) he did not only decided to build castles on the sand, but took over the sea and fearlessly ventured into the waters. Needless is to say that by the end of the day we had to fight a small battle to get him out.

KM was very protected from the sun with the sunblock cream. I, on the other hand, did not use any and today — as I type this — my back, front and face are burning still, while a soothing cream try to give me solace. Mental note: protect yourself the next time.

In the afternoon, we went over aunt Hoa’s house to celebrate the “Florida room” addition to the house as well as aunt Hoa’s birthday. I was really ready to go home and sleep, while KM —and even Kim— were still going.