Gmail is not for everyone

I have used Gmail now a little bit. Sometimes I am a lucky guy; I have experienced good luck several times: when I met Kim, when my child was born, when I first flew over the Atlantic. This time my luck came in the form of a Gmail account. Thanks to those who graciously offered me the chance to see with my own eyes what many other mortals have ambition.

I can’t say that much that is not already said, but this: Gmail is not for everyone. It is not for the untrained HotMail/AOL/Other lame services luser. Gmail will confuse the hell out of them and they will be lost, like non-pilots on an airplane cockpit. Furthermore, they will not like it: it does not have smilies! ;-)

For the power users Gmail is still missing auto-signature, email text font change (I like fixed fonts on my emails), a keyboard shortcut for deleting messages — I know, why to delete when you’ve got 1 GB! Well, I do not want to save crap —, the capability to add your own customized headers, more criteria on the rules creation, and more rules (limit is 20, right Tomas?).

I am still playing around with Gmail, but I have seeing enough to re-afirm what I previously said “…Google is going to offer a webmail service and is going to do it well…”. Next gOS (Google Operating System), g.NET and tomorrow “…plan to take over the world!” :-)