Old permalinks broken

If you had links to specific entries here you are finding out they broke. Let me start by apologizing, I did not know some people had links pointing to here.

You see, I could’ve created permalinks on WordPress that matched the old ones, but I was tired on having such large URI’s. That’s the reason I have changed them when I switched. The one’s in use now will last for a very long time, I have choosen them to be around for a while. Broken links should not happen again. Sorry.

I am waiting for WordPress 1.2 to be released to start customizing here. I know I do not have the need of a final release to do so, I am just a procastinator. Talking about customizing, does anyone wants to do something for me on that matter? It has to be pure CSS, will not settle for less. Let me know, david at collantes dot us.