David Collantes

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Some of you might have noticed that I changed things around a little bit. I am still not decided what to have in here, but the actual interface will do for now, even though at time you might see the “blue” one that I had for quite a while before.

I have eliminated the categories, even though I still use them when writing entries. Tomorrow –or the day after tomorrow– I will be upgrading to 1.3-prealpha, which contains some code to allow clean URI’s across the whole site (with the exception of search, which I am not using at the moment). All and all, I like WP more and more every day. It is an adquired taste, since in the begining it gave me the idea I was dealing with something that was raw. Now, I still think it is raw, I am just liking the sushi.

<sarcasm>After a four days weekend –that sadly flew by– I am really looking forward to go to work!</sarcasm>