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Just about there

I know I have been writting a lot (well, not a lot, since I am holding down on writting until everything works as I want) about WP and how great it is and how happy I am to have moved away from MT, etc. I have been testing things, getting everything around to look and feel as they did a while back, when MT was still the one in command.

Now, finally, after a few weeks of trying, using the little time I have at home to work on this, I have managed to get the site to look very close to what I want. The colophon still needs to be writen and a few more little details will get added, but I should go back to my normal rantings quite soon. There is a server move in the works, which will make things a bit shaky around here, but after that is done expect steady course.

A favour, recommend (you can also write them down as comments) useful and/or interesting links to me, if you could please. I want to broad my browsing spectrum and add some more valuable resources to my links list.