Recently I found out that my existing server IP—the server I am moving away from—is banned on SPEWS (I am not linking them, Google it and you shall know), because it is assigned to UUnet, which is blamed of harbouring spammers. Following the recommendation of the bounced email I posted on Usenet, asking to be removed, without knowing at that time that it was something out of my hands.

While I understand and hate as much as the next that spam has gotten out of proportions, I do not think blocking a whole company will do any good neither. It is the little people – like me – the one who get ultimately screwed. Believe me, I hate spam and I used to receive a lot (not any more since I am using TMDA) but blocking everyone’s emails because the business practices of the company that borrows the IP you are using is plain stupid, in my humble opinion.

SPEWS caused an effect on me, totally the opposite of what they expected, I am sure. I was upset and I dislike their initiative, just like I did/do with MAPS or any other wide area blocking system that targets huge name spaces. It is like blocking AOL because a lot of spam comes from a forged AOL account. As I said, stupid. But once again, that is just my humble opinion. The new server IP is not blocked by SPEWS.

On the up side… Happy Anniversary, Kim and David! – yes, that’s us! Today is our 6th marriage anniversary and I can not believe it is being already six years. Time flies. If I could go back and do it all over again, I would. I love my wife dearly.


I still have Gmail invitations. A lot. Ask and you shall receive.