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Visitor cleaning

I find it interesting that we –and I know I am generalizing here, so correct me if I am wrong– worry about organizing and cleaning the house especially when we are expecting a visit. I know that we want to give the visitor the best impression possible, but aren’t we “lying” by doing so, just because someone is coming? Who are we kidding? I mean, if we were that clean and organized we didn’t have the need to do the “visitor cleaning” to start with, right?

What it’s even more interesting is that governments and nations behave just the same. The most universally known example is the Olympics Games. A city is picked for such games, rebuilt, cleaned, painted, all that specially for the event. The only difference it is that, in this case, the visitors know well about the cleaning and even help ($) to make it happen. I guess such behavior is just part of our human nature.

The reason all this came to my mind is because my wife has suddenly become a busy bee, cleaning and organizing around, to the point that it made me think she had lost her mind. Why all that clean and organizing, you ask? Yes, you guessed right. We got visitors coming in on Friday! I am just glad I do not have to build a brand new stadium for the occasion :-).


The feast is over. A bit of clean up (again!) and to a good bath!