They keep coming

A while ago I wrote about a spam I got from Nigeria (of course, we all know it could be from anywhere) and how Mr. Tanko lost his Internet connection when I asked for $20. While it is true that before and after that posting I have gotten quite a few other offers of the kind, none of them came from a man in the United Arab Emirates, supposedly. Now, that is not the unusual thing about this one.

You see, this one is an ill man. Emmanuel Khan is an ill man to which his family has turned their back and stole a considerable amount of his money. Before becoming ill —from esophageal cancer— he managed to “distribute money to some charity organizations in the U.A.E, Algeria and Malaysia”, but now he can’t longer do it. That is why he is asking for my help to distribute it to several other charitable organizations around the world.

Now, the interesting (or funny) part of this whole thing is that, after my reply in which I expressed my willingness to help, he even sent me his photo, supposedly taken in a hospital, so I could know that it was him. He wanted to make sure I could “see” his misery. See it for yourself:

They keep coming

Doesn’t he inspire compassion? What wouldn’t you do for that poor man? Wouldn’t you help him? If you want, please email him offering your help (there is a 20% commission out of several millions for you) at Emmanuel Khan’s email addresses, here or here. Tell him I sent you and offer to buy him a better digital camera, please! :-)