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It happened again

Last Friday family got together in our house and some photos were taken. Well, it happened again, just this time there was no other family around, but the three of us. We were making time to go over the airport to pick Khanh (brother-in-law) and girlfriend up, so I snapped a few photos, from which I have choosen five. It is mainly about KM, but Kim is in one of them, for the first time!

Something bad about the night, before I show you the photos. Went to the airport, brother airplane was landing at 9:00PM, US Airways flight from Denver. Got there, no signs of them or the airplane. Drove around the airport circle twenty something times! Finally we learned the flight had changed to United Airlines and was arriving at 10:30PM. Now, how could that happen?! A whole hour an a half driving around! Needless is to say, brother should not take a vacation anytime soon :-)

And talking about vacations, now Kim wants to go somewhere, but where? On her mind: Las Vegas (uhg!), San Francisco, North Carolina, Vietnam :-) Any recommendations?