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Week recount

Nothing major happened during the last week that I can recall. Someone called me a copycat and accused me of copying another site, which was a totally baseless accusation and hence not worth of occupying more space here. We have been looking —well, Kim more than I— for a pre-school for KM without much success. That’s pretty much it.

I am going to try and do some exercises starting tonight, since the lack of it is taking its toll on my body. It is not only the gaining of fat on certain spots that bothers me, it is the total and generalized pain I feel on my whole body just for being out of shape. It is for a better health, I feel sick in some way. Kim has been pushing me to do exercises for quite a while, but the real truth is that I have been pushing myself much longer without much success. Thanks to her insistence and my own internal fight, I think I might be getting somewhere. It is also thanks to KM. I want him to have a father to play with.

We had lunch today over Ying’s house and enjoyed a few hours together with her and her daughter Cynthia . KM and Cynthia met a while back and in more than one occasion both have expressed the wish to play together. Today their wish was fulfilled once again. I took some pictures that I may post later on here. Now I am still too tired, even though I slept for two hours already. KM and Kim are still sleeping. It was (is) very hot out there, so we all came home very tired.