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Sunday morning rants

As I previously wrote, I believe IE is no match to Firefox. I will tell everyone I know about its problems, I will show those to them if I can. I will praise the goods of Firefox, so everyone I know will enjoy web browsing as much as I am. But…

One thing is not using IE and another thing is not serving pages to those using it. That’s plain wrong. It is like going to a japanese restaurant and have sushi denied because you are not japanese. I will do my best to “serve” good viewable pages to everyone including, yes, those using IE. IE users will not get redirected to a better browser website or evangelist website. I will let them know there is something better out there, but I will not punish anyone just because they do not know better or insist on using something else. That would not be right.

On my feeds I do not give out full posts nor comments entries, just as Zeldman and a lot of others. Someone thinks differently. As Jeffrey once wrote, refering to RSS “…If you stored your groceries on the sidewalk, we could eat your food without sitting across the table from you…” He also wrote “…reading Plastic Bag —or, presumably— in a news reader is like getting the text of your favorite magazine in email. Nice. But not the same.” Offering full posts on any feed would defeat the purpose of the web, the rich experience of it. For me, RSS feeds are teasers —just like movie teasers—. If you want to whole thing, come by. Unlike movie theathers, there is no charge.