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Where and what you eat...

While browsing the “Orlando Sentinel Express” I found the section Restaurant Penalties, which I never saw before –well, it is true that I do not browse the Sentinel Express everyday.

From that section, two restaurant violations caught my eye:

Giovanni’s Restaurant & Pizza, 2140 S. Chickasaw Trail – “…several five gallons pans of pizza and tomato sauce also were found without covers in the walk-in cooler. Raw whole shell eggs were found stored above produce in the walk-in cooler. A black mold like substance was observed on the ceiling inside the ice machine. The hand sink in the dish room was blocked with several soiled towels and a chemical storage rack… The in-use sandwich and salad cutting boards were badly scoured and stained”.

The Giovanni’s is a neighborhood restaurant, just half a mile from my house. Pretty popular establishment, I assure you. We have ordered food once or twice from there.

The other is a McDonald’s on a fairly good area, Winter Park:

McDonald’s, 4260 State Road 426 – “…found potentially hazardous food stored at an unsafe temperature… also observed a worker wearing only one glove preparing ready-to-eat hamburgers with both hands”.

Those are just two very small examples. There is a lot that escapes the eyes when you go lunching or dinning out. Where to go and what to eat? Choose wisely!