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Way too early

I woke up at 7:00 AM today, perhaps a bit earlier. The same thing happens every weekend, I cannot sleep as I wish, my internal clock just wouldn’t stop buzzing. So here I am, reading my favorites weblog, and news sites while feeling stressed about Monday (or should I say Sunday night?) morning changes at work. It is the weekend, for God’s sake! I shouldn’t be worrying about anything in the future related to work. I wish it was that easy.

On Linux I know, after years of experience, things work or doesn’t. It is that simple. On MS Windows, what doesn’t work now might “magically” start working later or what works now might –also magically– stop working at any time. Every action or command is delayed, everything needs restart. You tremble at the thought of what would happen next. On every reboot –and I am talking about servers here, not your 9X, 2000 or XP machine– there is the worry of whether or not the machine will come back up. For the sake of me, and others alike, that ought to change.

On a different topic…

Yesterday I called a friend of mine, BMW car salesman in Fort Lauderdale. Just wanted to say hi. Without giving me time to talk, he started bashing Bush —the president—, on how stupid he is, on how this unneeded war is killing so many kids and a lot of other things. All that out of the blue! Now I am not a Bush lover, I just don’t like Kerry neither, but when someone gets to the point at which my friend was, only two things could be going on: Bush is so bad, it drives people frantically crazy or, my friend is evidently demented. I thought Bush could win a re-election, now I am not too sure. Why? My friend is not the only one with that “demented” behavior.

Perhaps the next president will be a guy named John Kerry?