I am a virus, open me!

The history repeats itself. No matter how many viruses get to their inboxes, no matter how many times you tell them not to open those attachments, when all logic and common sense are just yelling “delete!”, they will open it.

Virus and trojan makers/scripters will always succeed. Antivirus companies will always be behind (even for a few hours/minutes) and make tons of money. As long as my type of user exists there will be a future of revenues on that field and a headache for the rest of us. Someone should make a virus, as sneaky as the rest, but one that will only set a special wallpaper (something along the lines “I am an idiot!") and send the idiot’s name to a very well known place on the web, where rational people can laugh and other’s idiocities.

My users will always get infected. I am not longer surprised.