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Veteran of Charley

Mother Nature, just as humans, changes her mind. That is the case of hurricane Charley. All forecasts read that Tampa, FL would be the one beaten by him but Mother Nature, with it’s natural (no pun intended) ambivalence made a twist and brought it directly near Fort Myers, and then to us in Orlando, FL.

Needless is to say we had winds. We had winds all right. Actually, we got everything: homes, commercial buildings, trees… all destroyed. And we got no power, no cable (and Internet) and no phone for one whole day. As I type this we have got power and cable (and Internet). Phone is still not available (well, we got VoIP phone, but the old BellSouth is tone dead)

Now some photos, which I did not take (I used the camera batteries for a flash light), to give you a slight idea of what happened around here:

[Fotos are gone, sorry]

Our home was untouched, we were lucky. One of our trees got a big branch broken, but that’s mainly all the damage we got. Some of our neighbors weren’t that lucky, they got a lot of shingles loose, broken roof and trees uprooted completely. Hopefully we will not have another hurricane anytime soon.