Sex is everything

For spammers –and others–, that is. Other than the trackback attack that a good group of people including me received recently, sex related spam seems to have doubled as the year increased by one. And all comes down to this: human beings are a bunch of sex driven machines. Take it or leave it. We all like it, enjoy it and are driven to it in a multifaceted spectrum. It goes beyond the Mother Nature purpose of procreation (continuity). We are obsessed with it. It makes us feel good. It is the best medicine ever. It is also the Doom on my Inbox and a small headache on my weblog.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy sex as much as the rest. But I do not want to be offered any pills (viagra, cialis, xanax, vicodin, etc) no matter how cheap they are, nor do I want to know how to enlarge my “manhood” among other things I prefer not to list. I do not want to visit a site with your particular method to approach or perform sex. If I want porno, I know where to get it. Please do not dump any of that on my weblog or Inbox. It will not do you any good. Your intentions will not become reality, I can tell you that much. That will eventually piss me off, and you don’t want to do that, do you?