Mention two

My parents are visiting. They got here July 3rd and on July 4th dad was telling me they needed to leave the coming Friday. My old people are really something, but that is not what I wanted to post about.

My father talks, continuously, a lot. He will start with a simple answer to a question I asked and go on into various topics and anecdotes that seem not to have an end. One of tonight twists brought up his statement (seconded by my mother’s) about President George W. Bush: “He is a very good President”, said my father, to which my mother joined “I like him very much”. Now, I forgot to tell you, my parents are old. Old as in 86 years old my dad and 78 years old my mom. They voted for Bush, they have always voted Republican since they have been in U.S.A., no matter ‘who’, no matter ‘what’. The came here quite old already though. Perhaps that will explain.

Normally, I will word fight a bit with them, to make their brain function and add some excitement to their lives. Awakening passion for anything on an old person I believe do them good. Not tonight. So, when I heard my father assert that I asked him to tell me three things for which he believed Mr. Bush was a good President. Got some silence. I asked, further more, ok, give me just two. More silence. I have given him till tomorrow to come up with something.

Like my parents, there are millions of old people. It is sad, but for me they are somehow justified, they are old and gullible. Their mind can’t process like the rest of us. What I can’t accept and understand are those younger citizens, who should know better, who should research and made up their own minds and still let themselves be manipulated by others.