BBC goes WoW again!

Although this new “interview” involves only Horde players, the latest BBC article about WoW is awesome and it gives some very sutil but good insides of the game.

I’ts popularity can be primarily attributed to its accessibility. The game is easy, plain and simple.

It’s more forgiving than most other online role-playing games on the market, and does not take as much dedicated playing or “grinding” to reach the top level. It appeals to a casual market and a broader spectrum of ages.

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Tryggr, my main character, has reached level 57 now. A Rogue (dwarf) level 20 and a Paladin (dwarf) level 29 keeps him in company. All still in Argent Dawn. Kent characters, a Priest (night elf) level 10 (Alviss) and an Mage (undead) level 5 (Luciferous) reside on the same server.

What can I say, WoW is awesome! :-)