Gmail for Domains

Yesterday I received my invitation to move my Collantes.US domain over Google, to handle all mail by using the Gmail interface. That is Google new beta testing of hosted email for corporations or midsize companies. I don’t have a midsize company, but have a big family, so I qualified. Collantes.US, of course, is way too valuable for beta testing, but I have several more domains I can use, so I decided to resubmit my request. This morning a new message inviting the new domain was on my Gmail inbox. Yay!

Gmail for domains is awesome! It has everything you have gotten to know and love about Gmail, only with your domain in it. It gives you the ability to create your own users, change the logo to match your company and a whole administration that my four years old kid could use. Better yet! Gtalk now works too in the way of yourname@yourdomain.tld! How great is that folks!?

Once again, two thumbs up for Google. Guys, you rock!