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Blue Security has gone down

Blue Security has announced it has ceased their anti-spam operations. From their website (which could be down as I type this):

As we cannot build the Blue Security business on the foundation we originally envisioned, we are discontinuing all of our anti-spam activities on your behalf and are exploring other, non spam-related avenues for our technological developments. As much as it saddens us, we believe this is the responsible thing to do.

To which I replied, via email, to their press relations contact:

Hi there!

You thought you lost? You haven’t, yet! Open source the server, web module and client. Release it to the community. You will see how 1,000’s if not millions of Blue Security’s alike will raise and spammers will ‘really’ know how hell feels like.

Open the source, let us have it. Your company will always live in us.

Don’t you think that would be a good idea? I think it would.