Wired News: Apple’s iPhone is Calling

Wired News: Apple’s iPhone is Calling

The most likely scenario, as Jupiter analyst Ian Fogg has pointed out, is that the iPhone will be a stand-alone device that will accept a standard SIM card. You’ll pop the SIM card out of your current cell phone and plug it into the iPhone. It’ll be just like buying an unlocked handset from Asia, except you’ll buy it at an Apple store instead of on Craigslist.

An iPhone with no provider strings attached would be better for the online iTunes store than selling tunes over the airwaves, as some cell companies are trying to do.

As Fogg notes: “Apple could continue to sell music via PCs and make its traditional retail margins. This approach doesn’t even need an expensive 3-G radio – which would help Apple keep handset cost, size and weight down and make the handset competitive with (relatively) bloated 3-G handsets sold by operators.”

If this were to be true, all I have to say, in awe, is… nice!